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Photo Clip Lights
Photo Clip Lights are those lights which can be used both indoors and out. These lights hang from the ceiling and are ideal for festivals, christmas, weddings, holidays, and parties. These are light, easy to move and bend, simple to install, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and durable.
Fairy String Lights
Fairy String Lights are a type of light that may be used for both outdoor and indoor decorating. These string lights were originally only utilised during festive or holiday occasions, particularly Christmas, which is why they are also known as Christmas lights. They are very effective and safe to use.
Marquee Letter Sign Lights
Marquee Letter Sign Lights can be used to create a warm and romantic ambiance. As regular house decor, they're perfect for the mantel, picture window, yard, and as photo/set props. These lights are very easy to install as well as simple to use. They are great to utilize.
Indoor String Lights
Indoor String Lights come in a variety of sizes and colors, making them a fantastic choice for decorating your home. These string lights can provide serenity to your regular decor or give a splash of color to seasonal decorations or special events. They are widely used and loved by people.
LED Neon Light
LED Neon Light is a cutting-edge LED lighting product that mimics the impact and appearance of neon. It can be simply installed on the borders of buildings or structures because of its flexibility. It may be cut to length in the field and fitted safely in practically any location.
Candles and Diyas
Candles and Diyas are a great source for decorating your homes, offices, and other living spaces with lights. They may liven up your space and give it a festive feel. You can also purchase beautiful diyas to improve the ambiance of your home.
LED Curtain Lights
LED Curtain Lights can be operated with a remote and are waterproof. You may create numerous ambiances at the touch of a button just by turning on lights and using the pre-programmed designer sequence of lights. They can be utilized as decorative items around the house, especially during festive events.
LED Candle Light
LED Candle Light is designed to resemble the incandescent candle light bulbs they replace. They have a conventional candle form, and as technology advances, they are beginning to resemble ordinary light bulbs. They are great to use.
Metal String Lights
Metal String Lights can give a continuous power to make the string lights more beautiful. These lights will make a lovely home decor light string. These lights are used for the bedroom, window, xmas tree, balcony, and camping tent. They protects users from electric shock and short circuits that cause fires.
Rope Lights
Rope Lights are those lights that can be used for the tube. Because of the low light intensity, rope lighting is primarily used for ornamental purposes. They have been around for a long time and has a wide range of applications. They are economical to use.
Other String Lights
Other String Lights are those lights which are used for decorating your homes and living places, on various occasions. They will glow up your area and will make you feel amazing. These lights are very effective and safe to use.